However, as I quickly noticed throughout my entire Windows 10 setup experience, everything is customizable. — I have a much larger and powerful Sonos system for when I really want to play music. As you know there are a few main levers that affect the majority of a computer’s performance: storage, RAM, GPU and CPU. There's just a line you can uncomment in the preferences file: I also installed my preferred terminal font "M+ 1m" and set it as the typeface for Hyper. Two M.2 slots: I didn't want to go the route of a traditional SATA SSD with this build and wanted to go with a tiny and speedy M.2 card slot SSD. 7 And apparently there is also a performance impact associated with having a ton of installed presets as they need to get generated every shot in the Develop module. When it came to picking RAM I was concerned about the height of RAM sticks and how they might interfere with various cooling options for the CPU, so I went with low-profile RAM from Corsair that was made for confined spaces and didn't have overly tall heatsinks. I also work with my site on my laptop here and there so I prefer to install the exact same ruby version on both machines. Remove the Recycle Bin from the desktop: I prefer to have a clean desktop. The Samsung Magician app links you to the Windows drive optimization dialog but this is largely unnecessary. The latter will load a lens profile if one exists to correct any distortion (like barrel or pincushion) with your lens. I knew I wanted to avoid the standard "blower" type reference design cards. Or consider investing in a NAS setup to archive shots when you're done with them. I know many of our readers will disagree with this because photos can be stored on regular spinning drives as well (which are often fast enough). MLC flash stores two bits of data on one cell (no idea why they call it multi though) and has a longer lifespan with more read/write cycles. Use KeyTweak to remap keys to feel more like the Mac keyboard layout: While I was able to easily pair the new wireless Apple Magic Keyboard to Windows 10, I did not have any functioning media keys. Install 7-Zip: I'm just really not a fan of how Windows 10's native compressed folders work for unzipping things. Only the iMac Pro, which has the same problem iMacs have always had: they don't come with the most bleeding edge high-end components and after you purchase it you can't ever upgrade it as easily as you can swap out a graphics card or motherboard and CPU in a PC to jump to the next generation. One school of thought is to rarely use profile corrections as they can reduce detail and also lead to some minor cropping at times. I've been running these two SSDs half a year so far and have only put about 8TB of writes between both drives. When you're doing tweaking, hold down the Alt key on Windows then click "Set Default..." in the bottom right and accept the dialog that comes up: And now I just fullscreen Lightroom and get to work: I set out to build a speedy Windows 10 PC mainly for my Lightroom photo editing work. I screwed the fans and radiator in, then snaked the power cables for the fans and pump to the back. Which is great because I won't have to describe Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technologies meant to reduce screen tearing while gaming. And well, it's really not possible to find really fast, low latency RAM in anything larger than 16GB sticks; even that is a challenge. It's a basic Spotlight/Alfred equivalent for Windows. The more I thought about it, I wanted a case large enough for me to pick a motherboard with great overclocking capabilities, the ability to have a water-cooling setup and the room to expand to two graphics cards via SLI if I so decided in the future9 There are two programs that come to mind for quick RAW viewing and culling: Photo Mechanic and Fast Raw Viewer. First, the "auto" button now takes the shot into account and tries to find ideal settings for it compared to other shots.52 There is a third party font rasterizer called MacType but I haven't had much luck with it and uninstalled it.39. I was definitely spoiled coming from a 5K iMac. After Windows finished installing I went back to install the second M.2 SSD and then go back into the BIOS to ensure it was running at PCIe x4 speed (the default was x2). Is history set to repeat itself? 51 When traveling I never delete the SD cards. There are a few of these that calculate things differently based on things like the light source, but the purpose is the same. There are no module tabs like in Lightroom Classic CC, just a pane on one side that is like a basic Library module for browsing and managing your imports. Because I'm going to overclock the heck out of all cores on the 8700K — and a bit of a spoiler but I got a good chip and was able to overclock higher with the 7700K.10 Not to mention the extra heat created with 4 sticks crammed right next to each other. Most frequently to clean up anything caused by a dirty lens. 29 Apple created Display P3 based on DCI-P3 but using the 2.2 gamma from the sRGB color space instead of 2.6, as well as a different white point. The colorful horseshoe shape behind everything represents the range of colors visible to humans. How did I do on that goal? Also, if you look closely at the bottom of DDR4 RAM you'll notice it has a slightly curved edge to reduce required insertion force with all the extra pins compared to previous generations of RAM. I built this computer with the intention of getting some extra performance by overclocking the CPU, RAM and GPU a bit. I believe the goal from camera manufacturers is to have the profile mimic the camera's own creative style settings had you had any enabled and shot a JPG; those settings don't affect the actual RAW. The idea of constantly rebooting to hop into Windows for a bit to play a game, then reboot to go back to macOS seemed like a major inconvenience. Some of the latest high-end M.2 SSDs boast speeds more than 3-5x faster compared to their SATA counterparts. Dell released their first 4K OLED display last year, albeit for $3,500. Having more cores in Lightroom can help you if you care more about exporting images and generating previews. Beginners tend to be confused about the difference between Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Here's the complete parts list for this build: I ordered all the parts between December 2018 and January 2019 and was eager to build the new PC right away. 1. I use VSCO Keys to do this using . The largest exception was my preferred note-taking app Bear; its iOS/macOS apps are iCloud-based and they don't have a web version. As for over provisioning, this lets you specify a percentage of the drive to go unused by the OS and give to the SSD to help maintain the performance and extend the lifespan of the drive. I wouldn't say it's instantaneous or snappy — I mean we're still dealing with massive RAWs using relatively unoptimized software. The thinking was something like: just get something that's 300 watts or so with a big, heavy heatsink and a fan that isn't too loud and you were probably good to go. And now the fun begins. I've given other applications a shot but always come back to Lightroom. I installed rbenv and ruby by following along with parts of this guide (or any basic Ubuntu ruby setup guide) and then running a bundle install in my Jekyll directory to install the gems I use. For example, LG has some 21:9 5K Nano IPS displays with great color space coverage coming out this year. Of course, I already voided my warranty by delidding the CPU so that protection plan is not an option for me. I began researching air cooling options for my 9900K. It has a much simpler interface. Installing the M.2 SSDs was up next. He is recognized as one of the leading educators in the photography industry, conducting workshops, producing educational videos and frequently writing content for Photography Life. I picked the 8-core Intel i9 9900K and Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. But Lightroom CC is good for one thing: it shows me that Adobe knows what they're doing and can make some good software. But the one thing I knew would be an issue: so-called GPU sag. But since Boot Camp is intended for Macs that have Windows installed, by default it will want to install a bunch of other hardware drivers that I don't need. However, if you aggressively multitask and/or use Adobe Premiere Pro you'll want at least 32GB. You definitely don't need a top of the line card for Lightroom but if you're going to get one anyways you'll want to learn towards an Nvidia card. I started ordering parts here and there, slowly accumulating everything over a week or two. Speed and latency play a very large and interconnected role. I have little use for any of the features included in Windows 10 Pro. Internet: Internet connection and registration are … There are other related motherboard safeguards too, like if you somehow corrupt your BIOS and you can't POST at all, you can use BIOS (again, it's UEFI but half the stuff is still labeled BIOS) flashback feature to plug in a USB port with a firmware file to flash or update your BIOS. Synchronization with the mobile version of Lightroom. GTX 1080 Ti extreme overclocking guide: For those that that are comfortable flashing their card to an XOC BIOS for more voltage controls, or even extreme liquid nitrogen cooling and hardware voltage mod tweaking. There were only a few models of mini-ITX Z390 chipset motherboards out at the time so I went with an ASRock model that seemed to have good-sized heatsinks on the PWMs and VRMs, but didn't have a massive shroud that could interfere with whatever cooling or heatsink I wound up putting on the CPU. I have checked my PC … A good chunk of my footage is now captured in 4K. A bit of a note on AVX from Intel: Because Intel AVX instructions generally consume more power, frequency reductions can occur to keep the processor operating within TDP limits. While I'm still tinkering with my ideal overclocking settings, I'm running at around 4.9GHz stable on all 8 cores. Enable entirely new and simple synced and mobile workflows for the casual user, functionality enabled by requiring all photos to be backed up to Adobe's cloud. concurrently, development software, etc) 3. While I was initially concerned this case might be a bit larger than I wanted, I ended up being rather pleased with it, especially the mostly black/gray theme with the internals. This is absolutely huge news. There were a few that were somewhat close to what I was looking for like the Define Mini C and Corsair Air 240, at least size-wise. For my needs Lightroom loves the highest clock speed it can get, as opposed to a ton of lower clocked cores. It is now possible to run a full Linux environment right inside Windows. 13 And then the ridiculous $3,000 Nvidia Titan V based on the Volta GV100 architecture was released with even better performance, though aimed more at the AI and machine learning developer crowd than the gaming crowd. Corsair recently released a newer version called the H115i PRO RGB but the main differences seem to be a pump head with RGB LED lights and mag lev fans that aim to be quieter (which I will probably order separately and swap out my current fans). It goes way outside the visible spectrum. Unfortunately, I do not know of an easy way to benchmark actions in the Develop module. The new Magic Keyboard has keys with limited travel and some folks may not feel comfortable typing on it. But it looks like prices might decrease in 2018. Download this software to your PC to get hold of the best program you need to manage your photos from the moment you take them until you obtain … But why did I opt for 6 cores instead of 4 cores? However, I often hop over to the Develop module while culling to see what the photo could look like with some basic adjustments or a crop to see if the shot is worth keeping. Apart from that there is one thing new about DDR4 that took me a second to realize: only one side of the RAM slot opens up. When I began to think about what I would put in this PC, I knew I did not want to compromise on the CPU or GPU. As for the sound of the machine, it's nowhere near as completely silent as an idle iMac but not too much louder with the dual 140mm fans of the Corsair AIO liquid cooler in the default silent mode. Nothing is really holding me to macOS on the desktop. 49 HDR and panorama appear to be among the least effective. I will refrain from recommending any particular display options aside from the one I purchased right now. Maybe they wanted to cater even more to digital video content creators? Adobe's recent upgrade to Lightroom Classic CC brought some performance improvements, largely related to increased multi-core performance for generating previews. When she is done editing, we move multiple catalogs to shared storage, merge them there and copy back to our computers, keeping full backups in the common storage. I had a daunting challenge ahead of me if I was to find a quality replacement for that display.